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With the support of UGC funded teaching and learning project “Developing Active Learning Pedagogies and Mobile Applications in University STEM Education”, we are now able to develop “WeBWork at U-STEM”. WeBWorK is an open-source online homework system for math and science courses. It allows teachers to select problems from the problem Library for students to complete their assignment over the web, and students can receive immediate feedback on the correctness of their answer. And "WeBWork at U-STEM" is a user-friendly new platform that enables teachers and students without programming background to use WeBWork.


WeBWork at U-STEM is free for university teachers in Hong Kong.

U-STEM Investigators >

  • Dr. CHEUNG Leung Fu

Senior Lecturer of Department of Mathematics, CUHK

  • Prof. LAM Lai Chuen, Paul

Associate Professor, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research, CUHK

PAST event

WeBWork at U-STEM Workshop Poster.png

WeBWork at U-STEM Workshop

Date & Time:

21 Nov 2018, Wednesday

(14:45-16:15, Registration starts at 14:30)



Room 502, 5/F,

Yasumoto International Academic Park, 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong